Centre Map

Looking for a particular store or office? The maps below show the location of all shops and offices in Dutton Plaza. You can toggle between Ground Level and Level 1 to see the maps of different levels. For a map of the ground level parking lots please visit the parking page.

Ground Level

Map of Dutton Plaza ground floor showing locations of each shop. List of shops described under the heading List of Shops on Ground Level.

List of Shops on Ground Level

Shop 3 
Beauty Mart   Shop 26
Cabramatta Fast Photo   Shop 1 
Cabramatta Flower Spot Shop 20 
Cabramatta Phones Shop 25 
Daily Delicious Bakery 
Shop 7 
GB Luxury  Shop 16 
Jerky House  Shop 19 
Kimarie Boutique  Shop 18 
Lâm Ký Noodle House 
Shop 8 
Li's Wok 
Shop 22 
Lucky Cat Vietnamese Restaurant  Shop 23 
Mitchum Newsagency  Shop 27 
Niko Fashion 
Shop 2
Number One Fruit Shop Shop 13-15
The Premium Meat Market 
Shop 28 
Ramen Ryoma  Shop 24 
Sanfa Supermarket 
Shop 4-6, 9-11 
Senselected Trading 
Shop 12 
Sydney Morning Glory 
Shop 17 
Viet Hoa Fish Market 
Shop 30-31 
Viet Hoa Oyster Bar 
Shop 29 
Vy Vy Café 
Shop 21 

Level 1

Map of Dutton Plaza level 1 showing locations of each offices and car park. List of offices described under the heading List of Offices on Level 1.

List of Offices on Level 1

Apollo Care Services Office 4 
Cabramatta Place Team Office 1
Community Room Office 2
Mission Australia Office 3